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News Releases

Bicycle Safety in Chelan, Washington from ATP and STC 03/04/2014
Improving Rural Traffic Safety 03/01/2014
New Product Release - RRFB Indicator Assembly with PED-STOP Side Indicator 01/06/2014
Gilbert, AZ adds to its solar-powered traffic equipment assets 01/05/2014
New Product Release - AC-Powered Micro-HAWK Crosswalk Controller 01/05/2014
Buckeye Upgrades 'Wireless' System with STC Solar Ped-X 09/24/2013
STC Customer Event at the Conference 09/04/2013
Increased Safety with STC Solar Flashers 09/03/2013
Fortran Traffic and STC Provide AC RRFB Systems for University Roundabout 09/03/2013
Upgrades: STC Crosswalk System to RRFB Configuration for Test 09/02/2013
STC RRFB System to Scottsdale, AZ 08/08/2013
Tucson Upgrades Control of High Water Flashing Beacons with STC 2-way Text Messaging 07/04/2013
Solar Fire Station Beacons for NWFD 07/04/2013
TraffiCalm Signs to Navajo Community 07/04/2013
Scan this QR code 05/06/2013
SZ Beacons with TraffiCalm DFB signs 05/06/2013
STC provides lighting power systems to Chandler, AZ 05/06/2013
More solar power for Buckeye, AZ 05/06/2013
STC and TCC complete safety project for MODOT 05/03/2013
STC and Fortran Traffic furnish solar-powered RRFB systems 01/10/2013
System warns drivers of hazards at Jamberoo Action Park, Australia 01/10/2013
TCC and STC project helps increase intersection safety for MODOT 01/10/2013
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