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"Improving Rural Traffic Safety with Video, Radar and Activated Flashing Beacons"
IMSA Journal
Mar/Apr 2014
"Solar Traffic Controls Goes Everywhere You Go"
STC now has a mobile-friendly version of their website.

"Pedestrian Crossings: All over the Map"
Points about pedestrian crossings you were never afraid to ask. They're all here, in one place.
IMSA Journal
July/August 2011
"Solar-Powered Fire Station Exit Lamp Systems"
Gone is the one-size-fits-all mentality for solar panels and batteries. Reliability and cost meet the new basics of today's fire station systems. Firefighters: a checklist for your equipment needs.
IMSA Journal
May/June 2009
"Solar Powered Traffic Systems Put You in the 'Green' While Saving Green"
Compare the savings and the carbon footprints of solar- vs. AC-powered systems. Take the eco-opportunity and "go solar."
IMSA Journal
September/October 2007
"The Nation's Most Advanced Game Crossing System"
You don't want to meet an 800-pound elk crossing the road. Arizona highways are made safer for motorists and wildlife with solar traffic controls. A must-read.
IMSA Journal
March/April 2007
"A Realistic Take on Solar-Powered Traffic Beacons: Facts not Marketing"
Rebuttal to an article written by a competitor and a solar-electric refresher for everyone - or - everything you always wanted to know about solar power but were afraid to ask.
IMSA Journal
November/December 2005
"Maintenance and Long Term Costs of a Solar Beacon System"
Not much to write about here: maintenance is minimal and so are the costs but you should know why - so please read this.
IMSA Journal
May/June 2005
"Solar Flashers: How to draw up clear concise specifications"
A few gripes from us. We make up for it with a primer on how-to-write clear, concise specs for location, load and duty cycle.
IMSA Journal
July/August 2004
"Radar Speed Displays: Options for Display Format and Power"
Motorists are most likely to respond to a radar speed display, rather than a static sign. They slow down. We evaluated four units.
IMSA Journal
November/December 2003
"Fire Station Solar-Powered Flashing Beacons: A Hot Way to Stretch Your Budget"
We have been emphasizing solar-electric power as an affordable and reliable option to traditional signal assemblies since we started this business in 2001. Nine years later, our message still stands.
IMSA Journal
July/August 2003
"Solar-Powered Flashers: Engineered to deliver and meet budget demands"
Engineer-to-engineer: Read the first two sentences.
The Arizona Civil Engineer
eNewsletter May 2003
"Solar Flashers: Solar Module Options"
Solar module compositions, efficient cell production, alternative technologies today.
IMSA Journal
May/June 2003

"Solar Flashers: An Urban Alternative for Traffic Control"
Barriers which solar can circumvent; time-crunching solar solutions to over-urbanization.

IMSA Journal
January/February 2003
Member of the Month
Learn more about Joe Wise in his Bio and in Media Facts on this site.
IMSA Journal
anuary/February 2003
"Solar Flashers: Too Cloudy for You?"
We blew all the whistles, rang all the bells to show you we're not just a sunny climate technology.
IMSA Journal
November/ December 2002
"Solar-Powered 'Smart' Traffic Systems"
An application of the IDEC Smart Relay: solar flashers to warn motorists of low-flying helicopters.
Open Contact (IDEC)
September 2002
"Wireless Traffic Control Solutions"
Joe's very first article for the IMSA Journal. We've been on a roll ever since. Presents a case study for a sensor-activated crosswalk flasher we installed in Arlington County, VA.
IMSA Journal
July/August 2002
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