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Business Name: Solar Traffic Controls, LLC

C.E.O. Joseph A. Wise, founder and president

Solar Traffic Controls (STC) provides solar-powered traffic control systems to city, state and federal DOTs; police, firefighting and public works departments; facility maintenance and plant safety industries. Our primary products are solar-powered flashing beacon systems used for school zones and 24-hour applications. We also build specialized flasher systems using sensors and custom communications packages. The STC product spectrum also includes wireless power systems for ITS, and EMS sensors and related devices.

Year business opened: January 2001

Business location: Tempe, Arizona U.S.A. in a light industrial park.

Mailing address:
1155 W 23rd St #2A/2B
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: 480-449-0222
Fax: 480-449-9367
Cell: 480-694-8896
Web site:

Our Web site complements STC's entire marketing plan. It is an excellent tool when referring prospective clients to view our projects especially if we have no installations in the prospect's area. We average about 3,000 visitors a month which has resulted in significant sales.

Mission Statement: To design and fabricate highly reliable, alternative energy, traffic systems to enhance public safety.

Products & Services:
Our product line consists of solar-powered crosswalk systems; flashing beacons for school zones; continuous-duty flashers; area lighting; radio-activated systems; and sensor-activated flashers. STC offers engineering services for special traffic systems applications.

Products and services are custom-engineered and manufactured. Typical costs range from $2,000 to $7,000.

STC's products and services can be purchased through a network of distributors and sales reps across the United States.

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