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Increased Safety with STC Solar Flashers

TEMPE, AZ - 09/03/2013 - The City of Scottsdale, AZ, has added more school flashers to its existing equipment portfolio. The city opted to purchase flashing beacons from Solar Traffic Controls for two schools in the area. All systems were configured for installation on existing street light poles using sign banding thus minimizing site preparation issues and saving time.

The systems consist of dual 12-inch amber flashing beacons and a 40W solar-powered system using the STC-01 programmable time switch. All systems include the DPC-2000 integrated charge/load controller with built-in solid-state flashers.

The award was based on results from three bids: STC was the low bid and was able to deliver in less than two weeks from receipt of purchase order. Most importantly, STC's equipment was compatible with the city's.

STC included a memory module for the time clocks to expedite programming the clocks. Only one clock at each site needs programming and the schedule is then uploaded to the memory chip. The chip is inserted into the second clock and downloaded into the local memory.

STC engineering provided on-site training to use the project's time clock as the units delivered have a more advanced firmware than earlier clocks in the equipment portfolio.

Celebrating our 12th year designing and manufacturing solar-powered traffic control systems. For more information on STC's products and services, please stay here on our website or send an email to or call 480.449.0222.


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