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Buckeye Upgrades 'Wireless' System with STC Solar Ped-X

TEMPE, AZ - 09/24/2013 -- Buckeye, AZ, a suburb west of Phoenix, upgraded an existing crosswalk to a solar Ped-X system from Solar Traffic Controls.

The town had previously purchased an 'all-in-one' flashing beacon system with significant problems. One of which, optical output from the system's beacons has been documented by STC in a comparison video ( at the invitation of the town's traffic crew.

In lieu of adequate support from the manufacturer, STC stepped in to help improve the situation. Working with the town's traffic signal technician and Scouten Engineering, the town's contract traffic engineering firm, a solar Ped-X system was proposed at the crossing using STC 12-inch amber, DC LED lamps.

Since the crosswalk is adjacent to a T-intersection the engineer in charge of the project at Scouten was concerned that drivers turning left from the side street would not be able to see the crosswalk flasher in time. Therefore, a flashing LED NO LEFT turn signal was also included facing the side street. Whenever the flashing beacons are active, the NO LEFT sign flashes to warn motorists not to attempt the turn.

The new system is based on the STC Solar Ped-X product line ( of 'wireless' crosswalk systems. The system uses a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio to communicate between poles and is configured as a master/slave system so the two units must be operational for either unit to respond to pedestrian input. The previous units would allow a single beacon assembly to flash even if the other unit was not fully operational as is typical in a peer-peer network configuration.

Each pole in the system uses a 15-foot spun aluminum pole assembly with breakaway base to mount all the equipment. The indications are 12-inch amber DC LED lamps from STC; made in USA; with a typical max bright output of >950 Cd on center. The controls include a logic module with a project specific software package.

Since the operation of the old equipment was sketchy at best, children using the new equipment were happy to see the cars stopping when they pressed the button to cross. There was a very positive response to the Polara Bulldog button's visual and audible response when pushed by users. New signs for the installations were not ready the day of the installation so the town opted to temporarily reuse the existing signs pending receipt of the new diamond grade FYG W11-2 signs and the W167P arrow signs in the same sheeting.

The LED NO LEFT sign was manufactured for the project by Wells Sign manufacturing. Installation was by Trafficade Services and the Town of Buckeye with STC supervision on site. Traffic engineering for the project was performed by Scoutten Engineering.

Celebrating our 12th year designing and manufacturing solar-powered traffic control systems. For more information on STC's products and services, please stay here on our website or send an email to or call 480.449.0222.


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