We've Always Been Green

  • Solar electric power saves energy by conserving our natural resources.
  • It's earth friendly and helps reduce pollution.
  • Solar is an everywhere technology, even in urban areas.

Advanced Pedestrian Flashing Beacon - Solar Traffic Controls

  • Solar-powered flashers eliminate the need for an AC connection to your equipment, thereby minimizing installation costs.
  • A self-contained solar-powered flasher can be built, tested and shipped in three to five weeks.
  • Deadlines can be met with a solar flasher installation as projects can be installed in one day.
  • Solar flasher systems are self-contained — independent of the power grid — there's no concern with blackouts. Traffic safety continues when the power goes out.
  • No trenching, no boring, no sweat: Solar-powered traffic controls are the answer when power is too difficult to obtain; when it takes too long to run it to a site or where there's too many obstacles in the ground.
  • If you can't bore under the road or across the road or dig up paving stones — solar is a viable solution.
  • Add another cost-saving factor with little or no maintenance: because it is self-contained, parts are highly reliable.
  • Solar modules and sealed battery technology have improved and decreased significantly in price.
  • Solar Traffic Controls can build you a properly-designed system which will run by itself for years.

Take the eco-opportunity and go solar.

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