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Solar Fire Station Beacons for NWFD

TEMPE, AZ - 07/04/2013 - Northwest Fire District, a fire/safety service provider near Tucson, purchased and installed a Type 1 fire station flashing beacon package from Solar Traffic Controls.

The district recently built a new fire station close to an older one located past the crest of a hill with limited visibility to westbound motorists approaching the station. The district contacted STC to outline options for radio-linked beacons at the site to improve safety as the static signs already in place were deemed insufficient for the new site layout.

The district finally decided to purchase and install a Type 1 fire station flashing beacon system for their project (more info) with an STC Wall Mount Transmitter package and one handheld transmitter (more info).

When the trucks are ready to exit the station, the crew hits the mushroom switch on the Wall Mount Transmitter on their way into the bay and the beacon units, both in advance of the driveway about 350-feet, activate and start flashing.

Each pole consists of a 15-foot spun aluminum pole kit with two 12-inch amber DC LED lamps (STC model G2C), a 36-inch W11-8 sign, a custom sign "BE PREPARED TO STOP WHEN FLASHING" a clear confirmation strobe and XSR power system.

The clear confirmation strobe is included to alert the fire truck drivers that the unit has received its radio signal and is flashing (more info).

Installation of the equipment was completed quickly once approval was given. With the radio link and solar-powered beacons there was no need to trench from the station to the beacons thus saving time and money. Joe Wise and Jimmie Dixon of STC provided on-site supervision to the installation crew provided by P.A.C.E. Electric of Tucson.

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