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More solar power for Buckeye, AZ

TEMPE, AZ - 05/06/2013 - In an effort to increase school zone safety at established school zones in the center of town, Buckeye has installed additional STC solar-powered flashing beacons.

The town recently added 5 more flashing beacon systems from STC consisting of dual 12-inch amber beacons with STC-01 programmable time clocks. Buckeye has a long track record with STC school zone flashing beacons which goes all the way back to 2004 when the town procured two dual 8-inch amber flashers from STC. They still use them today.

The town continues using STC flashing beacons due to the ease, reliability and the brightness of the lamps compared to other vendors (see a side-by-side comparison at ). All but the original systems use STC 12-inch amber DC lamps which are made in the USA by STC.

All systems use the STC-01 time clock which the town finds easy to program because they own a Desktop Programming kit. They can program memory chips with the school flasher program using a unit in their office. The chip is then taken out to the field where the data on the chip is copied to the local clock's memory. Using the chip, a visit to each flasher takes approximately 5 minutes for data transfer and to check the time/day/date on the internal time register. It should be noted: each unit must be visited each year before school starts as part of the annual PM. All work for this project was completed by AJP Electric of Phoenix.

For more information on STC school flashers please stay here on our website. Remember: to design a reliable system you must specify your Location, Load and Duty Cycle.

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