STC New Product Release

Introducing the AC-Powered Micro-HAWK Crosswalk Controller

TEMPE, AZ - 01/05/2014 - In response to customer complaints about the high cost and large size of HAWK control cabinets, STC has created a Micro-HAWK (uHAWK) controller specifically targeted to this signal application.

The unit includes easy-to-use timing logic with a backlit LCD user interface. Timing can be set on the screen for the amber flash and solid intervals with minimum timing values hard-coded for each interval to prevent setting the timing too low. Red clearance is also hard-coded with a minimum value as are the walk cycle and don't walk cycle time. The unit also includes a minimum off time at the end of each run which is also field adjustable.

The unit ensures the signal works correctly through the use of a 6-channel EDI monitor. The monitor looks for disallowed conditions such as showing the walk symbol when the signals are not in solid red. Should the displays conflict, the system reverts to an amber flash display and blanks the ped indications.

Unlike a full size controller, the uHAWK is only 15.5-inch x 26-inch x 15.5-inch and includes band mounts on the rear to allow installation on one of the mast arm poles at the crossing. This alleviates the need to pour a pad for the enclosure and the associated infrastructure for this approach.

Two versions of the uHAWK are being produced: A basic unit, uHAWK-1, which runs as a standalone traffic device but has 6 digital inputs for contact closure control in the event that timing coordination is needed. The uHawk-2 includes a more advanced controller and allows for control via Ethernet.

For more information on the uHawk controllers, visit the AC powered traffic control devices section on the STC website. For more information on STC's products and services, please stay here on our website or send an email to or call 480.449.0222.


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