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STC RRFB System to Scottsdale, AZ

TEMPE, AZ - 08/08/2013 - The City of Scottsdale, AZ has installed its second RRFB system using equipment manufactured by Solar Traffic Controls. The system was installed as a mid-block crossing to allow users on a canal trail to cross a busy collector back to a residential neighborhood.

The location consists of two travel lanes in each direction, a left turn lane on the SB side of the road and a landscaped median which offers a pedestrian refuge. Previously, the crossing had only static signs to warn motorists of the pedestrian crossing. As part of a larger improvement project, Scottsdale re-striped the crossing and the approaches, enhanced the signage and added the STC RRFB system to heighten pedestrian safety.

STC furnished a 3-pole system for the project with a design based on the Solar Ped-X 'wireless' crosswalk control platform. Each is a self-contained system with solar array, battery bank and control electronics, and includes control logic tied into an FHSS radio modem to allow the units to communicate with each other.

Each pole in the system is equipped with a Polara Bulldog push button to prevent vandalism. To ensure proper operation, the three units perform a periodic check of each other via radio. In the event a unit is "lost" in the group and stops communicating, a fault flash pattern is displayed by the master unit. The fault flash is coded to inform the user of the source of the problem.

The RRFB lamp assembly deployed for the project is an STC 80BKRRFBHS-T4 on the curbs. This model RRFB is a dual-faced unit with 3-inch x 7-inch lamps on each side of a 2-inch x 4-inch aluminum frame assembly. It also includes a high intensity pedestrian indicator lamp on the end of the lamp assembly facing into the crosswalk. Although the original spec for the project did not require the confirmation lamp, STC provided it as a free upgrade. The median unit uses an STC 80BKRRFBHS-T6 assembly which has quad 3-inch x 7-inch lamps and no pedestrian confirmation lamps. Each unit was outfitted for mounting on a 4.5-inch O.D. pole.

From site visits done by STC, acceptance of the systems by local users appears good based on use seen during these visits. Motorist compliance to stop for pedestrians appears to be very good as well. Scottsdale is currently testing another RRFB system within the city to begin formulating standards for use at other locations. Installation of the equipment was completed by Kimbrell Electric of Glendale, AZ. STC applications engineer Jimmie Dixon directed the project.

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