STC New Product Release

RRFB Indicator Assembly with PED-STOP Side Indicator

TEMPE, AZ - 01/06/2014 - Solar Traffic Controls has enhanced its standard RRFB indicator assembly with a red pedestrian indicator facing into the crosswalk. This is being done in response to pedestrians assuming the flashing amber pedestrian confirmation lamp, typically used on RRFB end cap indications, is an sign to proceed into the crosswalk without looking.

Many pedestrians assume the RRFB indications are signaling drivers to stop for them. Thinking about the pedestrian behavior from a driver's mindset, one does not stop for a flashing amber light but proceeds with caution.

In today's highly distracted world of personal electronic devices and ear buds, many pedestrians are not using the amber indication correctly. Many seem to think it means they have the right-of-way at the crosswalk.

The flashing red indication always signals one to stop and proceed when safe, such as at a four-way stop. By changing this indication to red the goal is to get the pedestrian to take responsibility for his or her safety when using the mid-block crossing by stopping and looking at traffic flow.

STC is currently working to enhance this further with a shape specific indication for the confirmation lamp to address pedestrians who suffer from varying degrees of color blindness. RRFB lamps have been shown to be effective at getting motorists compliance at crosswalks and PED-STOP addresses the pedestrian side of the equation.

STC offers multiple configurations of the RRFB beacon assembly in both AC and solar powered systems. Systems can be configured for either hardwired interconnection or wireless control via FHSS radio link.

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