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Solar-Powered Applications

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24-Hour Flashers

Beacons for hazards such as curves, traffic signal ahead, or other warnings to motorists. Available with Red or Amber beacons.

Area / Security Lighting

Applications for solar powered lighting for parking lots, playgrounds, basketball courts, and anywhere it is difficult to obtain power.

Fire Stations Exit Warning Beacons

Activated flashing beacons to warn motorists of emergency vehicles exiting a station. Available as amber flashers or hybrid fire station beacon systems. Optical activation options available.

High Water Warning Systems

Warning beacon systems to warn motorists of flooded roadway conditions.

Industrial Traffic

Solar powered and AC traffic controls systems for factories, mines and other facilities where vehicular traffic is present.

Pedestrian Crossing Treatments & Solutions

For pedestrian crossings, wired or wireless interconnect with button or sensor activation. Traditional Round Ball, RRFB, or CRFB flashing beacons.

School Zone Flasher Systems

To reduce speed around schools; increases safety for children. Available with Radar or without Radar.

Traffic Calming / Driver Feedback Signs

Examples of use of solar flashers and driver feedback signs to reduce speeds around schools, entrances to towns, and neighborhoods.

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