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Solar Traffic Controls (STC) provides solar-powered traffic control systems for city, state and federal DOTs; police, firefighting and public works departments; facility maintenance and plant safety industries.

Our primary products are solar-powered flashing beacon systems used for school zones and 24-hour applications. We also supply specialized flasher systems using environmental sensors and custom communications packages to control the flashing beacon systems.

Custom Flasher Systems
DC Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Flasher System Components
Flashing Beacon Systems for Fire Stations
Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons
School Zone Flasher Systems
Sensor Activated Flasher Systems
STC-01 Time Switch and Desktop Programming Package
Traffic Sensor Power Systems
24 Hour Flasher Systems
Wireless Crosswalk Systems
Wireless Traffic Safety Systems

New Products
     Enhanced RRFB Indicator
     AC-Powered Lane Control Systems
     AC-Powered Micro-HAWK Crosswalk Controller
     TraffiCalm 9" Driver Feedback Sign

How Solar Traffic Controls Saves You Time, Cost, and Energy

  • Solar power, a free energy source, eliminates need for utility hook-up
  • Cost effective, affordable prices to fit your budget
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Quick to deploy in most locations
  • High level of integration minimizes installation time
  • Our systems increase public safety
  • No power drop; no trenching; no boring; no sweat
  • Designed specifically for your application site
  • Self-contained systems will function with little or no maintenance
  • Most systems are equivalent to the cost of obtaining an AC power drop.
  • Typical systems have a battery life of five to seven years; a total system life of approximately 15 to 25 years.
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