News Releases - 2012
Traffic Alert: Early Indications of El Niño Winter 10/11/2012
Over 100 School Zone Beacons shipped in second quarter 06/06/2012
Fire Station upgrade package for Chicago suburb 06/06/2012
STC provides intersection ahead warning flasher in Pima County, AZ with TS2 Cabinet "Wireless" Control Interface 04/04/2012
STC and TSandT furnish custom lane control system for Walter Reed Medical Center II 04/04/2012
Maricopa County Installs STC Fire Station Flashers with Optical Detection 04/04/2012
Maricopa County Installs STC Optical Control at AZ Fire Station 132 04/04/2012
STC delivers radar speed signs to Maricopa County, AZ 03/01/2012
STC Solar Ped-X Crosswalk Systems to U.S. Army facility 03/01/2012
Buckeye, AZ becomes "greener" 03/01/2012
STC Solar Ped-X Crosswalks 01/04/2012
AZ DOT installs STC advance flasher 01/04/2012
Living the American dream of higher learning 01/04/2012
STC donates toward FIRST Robotics Team 01/04/2012
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