News Releases - 2006
Torrance, CA installs Solar Traffic Controls school flashers 12/31/2006
City of Barrie purchases school flashers from STCs Canadian distributor 12/30/2006
STC provides additional flashers to MCDOT 8/28/2006
School safety flashers for City of Mesa, AZ 8/28/2006
Mono County (CA) installs unique school zone, pedestrian-activated solar flashers 8/28/2006
High-water flashers for MCDOT (AZ) 4/5/2006
Crosswalk project for the town of Marana, AZ 2/27/2006
STC integrates Smartstud system into Solar PED-X 2/15/2006
Completion of trials for STC-01 Time Switch 1/9/2006
Solar-powered school flashers for Toronto suburb 1/6/2006
Flasher for Advance Train Warning System project 1/6/2006
Solar PED-X "wireless" crosswalk flashers with sensor activation 1/6/2006
Intersection advance warning flashers for MCDOT 1/5/2006
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