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Torrance, CA installs Solar Traffic Controls school flashers

TEMPE, AZ - 12/30/2006 - The City of Torrance, California, has installed school zone flashing beacons from Solar Traffic Controls (STC) as part of a "Safe Routes to School" safety program. The first unit was installed December 29, 2006 under the supervision of Joe Wise of STC and Beth Overstreet from the city's public works engineering division.

Each system features a single 12-inch amber DC LED lamp (Precision Solar Controls model 2385) with an optical output of 1100 Candela on center. System activation is controlled by an STC-01 time clock unit which includes provisions for 16 holidays and 12 alternate schedule periods per year.

As part of the purchase, STC furnished a complimentary STC-01 desktop programming unit with one memory chip. This added feature allows city personnel to program the school beacon operation schedule on the desktop programmer and upload it to a memory chip that is then taken to the field. The contents are downloaded to a field clock in less than 3 minutes per clock from the chip. The city feels this is a significant feature over other types of equipment available in the market and is securing additional chips to facilitate programming of varying school programs. A total of 22 systems will be installed when the project is completed. As a courtesy, STC furnished on-site training to city personnel in the use of the clock.

All systems are mounted to 14-foot Caltrans type A poles. Installation of the equipment is being handled by the Zondiros Corporation in Torrance. Marketing of the equipment was handled by J & J Sales of Chino, CA.

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Solar Traffic Controls (STC) designs and manufactures solar-powered traffic control systems for city, state and federal DOTs. Its primary products are solar-powered flashing beacon systems used for school zones and 24-hour applications. What sets STC's systems apart from its competitors: technical merit.


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