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School Zone Flashers and 24-hour Flashers for Advance Warning
at end-of-Highway, Curves, Crosswalks and Other Hazards

Solar Traffic Controls (STC) designs and manufactures solar-powered systems such as time-activated school zone flashers.

STC can help you stretch your budget. When properly designed, a solar-powered system will run for years without maintenance or energy bills.

Typical systems have a battery life of five to seven years and a total system life of approximately 15 to 25 years. When compared to traditional AC systems, including site preparation and remediation, the cost is reasonable and often less over the life of the project.

A set of basic school zone systems can cost between $5,000 to $9,000. The final price is dependent on your actual needs and the options selected.


  • Solar power is a free energy source eliminating the need for utility hook-up.
  • You get cost effective, affordable prices to fit your budget.
  • Installation and operating costs are low.
  • Virtually no maintenance.
  • Systems are quick to deploy in most locations.
  • High level of integration minimizes installation time.
  • Increases public safety.
  • No power drop; no trenching; no boring; no sweat.
  • Designed specifically for your application site.

Use this online form to select the proper equipment requirements for your school zone system. Questions? Please call Solar Traffic Controls at: 480.449.0222. Or email us at

NOTE: Please consult your city or state roadway agency/department of traffic for any prerequisites they may have.

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