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Solar Traffic Controls provides "Wireless" Traffic Controls to Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds Facility

TEMPE, AZ - 01/02/2008 - Solar Traffic Controls (STC) has completed design, installation and testing of a custom RYG signal system for Toyota's Arizona Proving Grounds Facility located just outside Phoenix, AZ. The system is a modification of the Solar Ped-X "Wireless" pedestrian safety system in which the signals had 5 operating modes rather than the normal yellow flash. The solar-powered signals operate in the following modes: On/Off, red solid, green solid, yellow solid, red flash and yellow flash.

Toyota had a traditional three section RYG signal assembly at three locations along its 10 mile oval track. However, these were in poor condition and required AC power for operation. Rather than tie the new units to the grid, Toyota opted for solar-powered lamps. STC recommended a smaller footprint for the signal assembly by using a single section signal with color and shape specific signals. The red indicator consists of a red X, the green, an arrow pointing up and the yellow a solid ball. The signals, furnished by Industrial Traffic Solutions (, are all LED and provide good optical output with reasonable power draw.

Control of the system is managed from the facility command center using a custom designed master control unit. The master features an LCD user interface with 5 user buttons and lamp status indicators on the face of the enclosure. STC also included an optional remote status panel to mount in a 19-inch control rack. The remote also includes an LCD interface with 5 buttons and status lamp indicator.

Communications between the master control and the slaves is done using 1W frequency-hopping spread spectrum radios which converse over a range of up to 2.5 miles. STC oversaw installation of the units at the site and completed final testing and commissioning of the equipment. Photos of this project are pending release due to the confidential nature of the work done at this location.

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