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STC installs custom track status sign at Toyota AZ Proving Grounds

Racetrack Lane Control System - Solar Traffic ControlsTEMPE, AZ - 01/02/2009 - Toyota's AZ Proving Ground (TAPG) needed to improve its track status indications for drivers using the facility. Solar Traffic Controls (STC) was shown a concept sketch of the sign, performed some preliminary engineering, and was granted the project.

The sign consists of an 8-foot by 8-foot sign with nine embedded LED lamps. Seven of the lamps are tri-color indicators with a red X, yellow ball and a green arrow in each face. Two of the indicators are 8-inch blue lamps. Status of lanes on the main oval and the four sub-tracks within the oval are indicated using the tri-color lamps. Two of the sub-tracks have water features and drivers are warned of wet conditions using the blue indicators.

Indications on the sign are controlled using a color touch screen display in the track command center. The inputs from the touch screen are monitored in a PLC running a program written by STC. Data on the state of the lamps set on the touch screen are transmitted via an RS422 link to the controls at the sign where the lamp indications are then displayed to drivers approaching the track entry road.

Lamps used for the project were furnished by Electrotech and the sign work completed by Advantage Traffic Safety and Supply of Phoenix. All of the mechanical design for the sign as well as all software and electrical was completed by STC.

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