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STC designs SolarSport area lighting system for HOA

TEMPE, AZ - 10/31/2008 - Solar Traffic Controls has fielded its first specialty area lighting system for the Cooper Ranch Home Owner's Association in Gilbert, AZ. The HOA needed to improve lighting in two common areas. One was a half-court basketball area; the other a children's playground area. A good reason to go solar: the recreation areas are located in runoff basins for the neighborhoods so AC wiring through the basin can sometimes be submerged. The HOA had installed solar-powered LED area lights in the basin a year earlier and found the fixtures provided inadequate light levels for recreation activities. The existing fixtures run nightly from dusk to dawn.

STC was contacted and designed a SolarSport area lighting system. The SolarSport line differs from other systems: it provides brighter light for shorter periods of time when needed.

Each night at 5:30 p.m. the activation button for the system is enabled. The system does not light up until a user needs light and presses the activation button to turn on the lamps. Since systems are deployed in areas subject to rough use, the activation button is a Polara Bulldog unit. Once activated the lamps run for 30 minutes per activation. The lamp source chosen for the project was a 36-watt compact fluorescent flood lamp fixture and was mounted at 14.5 feet above the court. Each night the system deactivates at 10 p.m. to comply with HOA rules regarding quiet hours. However, the programmable timer in the unit can be configured to allow for variance in the system for weekends or holidays when the lamps may be enabled either earlier or later in the evening to allow for additional play. All start and stop times are fully adjustable as is the run time per activation via an LCD screen and a keypad.

The HOA purchased a total of three systems, two for the basketball area and one for the playground area. Installation was done by Trafficade Services of Phoenix under the guidance of an STC engineer. All equipment was finished in an off-white powder coat finish to blend in with existing LED light poles in the recreation areas. Residents have found the systems to be very beneficial to the community by allowing them to use their common area resources later into the evening.

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