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STC furnishes lighting systems and engineering support for Africa

TEMPE, AZ - 05/12/2009 - Solar Traffic Controls has entered the lighting systems market in West Africa. Working under licensing agreement with Solar Force Corp. USA, STC has fielded several demo area lighting systems in conjunction with Solar Force Corp. USA and its affiliate Solar Force Nigeria. To date, Solar Force Nigeria has fielded over 60 systems on one contract and is in line to furnish more systems for additional contracts for several African states.

Solar Force Corp. USA offers an array of solar electric powered products for residential, commercial, and government applications from street lighting, traffic flashers, grid-tie systems and water pumping.

West Africa has had numerous solar lighting companies enter their market, most were foreign based and did not focus on a long-term presence in the region. Many looked at work in the region as contract-specific and left upon completion of the projects. Subsequently, the systems fell into disrepair and solar began to have a tarnished reputation.

Solar Force Nigeria has already established two offices in-country and has a trained crew outfitted by STC with the necessary tools to perform much of the work in-country. Under licensing agreement, STC will furnish additional tools, system designs, and internet-based training to ensure the success of the projects going forward.

New lighting technologies are also improving the viability of solar lighting in West Africa. Many of the original systems installed were based on Low Pressure Sodium lamps with a yellow-orange optical output. The newer systems being introduced in the field are LED based using white sources in the range of 4000-5200K thus providing more perceived light for the amount of energy consumed. Continued efficiency improvements in LED lighting will help raise the quality and lower the price of lighting systems for the region. Properly designed power systems and practices as well as suitable LED drive circuitry will ensure years of reliable service from the equipment furnished.

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Solar Traffic Controls (STC) designs and manufactures solar-powered traffic control systems for city, state and federal DOTs. Its primary products are solar-powered flashing beacon systems used for school zones and 24-hour applications. STC's equipment and services will save you time, effort and money.


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