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Sedona, AZ adds solar-powered driver feedback sign through Governor's Safety Grant

TEMPE, AZ - 05/02/2008 - One street in the scenic city of Sedona is now safer due to the addition of a solar-powered Driver Feedback (DFB) sign to help slow speeding motorists.

The project began with complaints from local residents, John and Carole Sheffield, of noise from speeding vehicles. With permission from the city, the Sheffields documented the speeding situation on Dry Creek Road using the city's mobile radar speed trailer. Data showed a significant number of vehicles traveling well above the posted 25 mph, with some in excess of 50 mph.

By applying for a Governor's Safety Grant through the police department, funds were granted for one system installed on the roadway. Working with personnel from the police department, John Sheffield assembled the unit and installed it near a curve on the road. For higher contrast, the concerned parties selected the 3M DFB unit which features shuttered pixels and LEDs to display the speed of the approaching vehicles. Solar Traffic Controls furnished the pole assembly and the solar-powered system.

Mr. Sheffield and the city have followed up on the performance of the system using the city's mobile speed trailer for data logging. With the sign registering data approximately 200-feet behind the DFB sign, the average speed of the vehicles has dropped closer to the posted speed limit. Most notably there has been a higher percentage drop of vehicles traveling 40 mph and over.

The city and the Sheffields are so satisfied they have submitted paperwork for another Governor's Safety Grant for a unit to monitor the opposite approach on Dry Creed Road.

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For information about the radar sign, go to or contact Tim Gibson, 3M sales group in Phoenix through the 3M Website.


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