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STC Introduces AC-Powered Lane Control Systems

TEMPE, AZ - 11/01/2011 - STC has added lane controls to its AC-powered Industrial Traffic product line. It has developed a standard product offering which can easily be modified into customized versions through hardware and/or software changes.

Targeted primarily at single-approach applications, the basic units include a controller with both manual and automatic operation. Automatic operation is based on time-of-day (TOD) operation and includes a reduced version of the STC-01 time clock. Toggle switches on the front of the controller allow selection between manual and auto operation, Individual toggle switches are used for manual operation control of each lane.

Signal assemblies are available in 8-, 12- and 16-inch modules. All signals are LED for low-power consumption and made in the USA. Signal assemblies feature a red X and a green arrow indication in a single face.

Advanced controllers for two-way traffic include color touch screen interfaces for the user. For lanes which switch traffic flow based on peak entry-exit needs, functions such as flashing red mode and red clearance are included to prevent sudden changes in lane flow patterns. Advanced units also include interfaces to local traffic controller to allow TOD coordination.

Celebrating our 10th year designing and manufacturing solar-powered traffic control systems. For more information on STC's products and services, please stay here on our website or send an email to or call 480.449.0222.


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