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Queen Creek, AZ installs in-pavement crosswalk equipment from Solar Traffic Controls

TEMPE, AZ - 01/02/2008 - In an effort to enhance pedestrian safety the Town of Queen Creek installed an in-pavement crosswalk system with radio-activated advance flashers. All of the equipment is solar-powered and was designed by Solar Traffic Controls (STC).

The crosswalk system consists of six TS-500 LED in-pavement fixtures from Traffic Safety Corporation ( powered by a solar power adapter unit designed by STC. The power adapter included an LCD screen to allow tracking of system use and adjustment of timing parameters via the built-in keypad. A radio upgrade package was included in the power adapter to allow an activation signal to be transmitted to the advance flasher units.

The advance flashers includes dual 8-inch amber DC LED signals and STC's XSR flasher control package. The XSR products include a license-free radio receiver and a logic device with LCD screen for the user interface.

STC furnished on-site technical assistance to the town's contractor, AJP Electric, to facilitate installation of the equipment. Installation went smoothly and the system has been operating well since late summer. Mike Sutton, Project Manager for the town expressed satisfaction with the equipment and its reliability.

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