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Oro Valley adds STC Type 1 Fire Station Flashers with Optical Emitter to enhance safety

TEMPE, AZ - 09/26/2008 - Located just north of Tucson, Oro Valley, AZ, has added fire station flashers from Solar Traffic Controls to enhance safety at one of its stations. The fire station is located on an arterial roadway situated behind another building so it is partially obscured from the street.

The systems consist of an STC Type 1 fire station flasher. This type of package features flashing beacons that run for a pre-programmed amount of time when triggered by a radio signal. The radio signal is sent either from an STC wall mount transmitter unit (80FSACXT-1) or a handheld transmitter unit. Beacon systems also include an omni-directional confirmation strobe lamp to let the driver know the unit has been activated.

All units use the XSR control package which features an LCD screen to count activations received and allow adjustment of timing parameters on the screen. The system's LED lamps are STC Model 2385 designed by Precision Solar Controls and built by STC.

The station is located near an intersection and presented a challenge for having the pre-emption system to detect and give right-of-way in a timely manner for fire trucks heading south. To alleviate this problem one of the STC beacons was equipped with a TOMAR optical emitter unit with an adjustable activation delay. This allows the fire station to activate the flashing beacon system from the wall mount unit in the station and, after the preprogrammed delay, activate the optical emitter on the flasher pole thus placing the intersection into pre-empt by the time the fire truck clears the driveway.

The equipment was installed by Contractors West of Mesa, AZ for the Town of Oro Valley. STC engineer Tino Rosas provided on-site support and training for the installation.

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