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Oregon Police install Solar Traffic Controls flashers to prompt motorists
to slow down in school zones

TEMPE, AZ 11/04/2003 - Solar Traffic Controls announces the successful installation of its solar-powered flashing beacons by the Ontario (Oregon) Police Department. "We were hoping for something that would really attract people's attention," OPD Capt. Mark Alexander, who spearheaded the project, said. "It seems like people get used to seeing the signs and they don't pay attention to them anymore." (Argus Observer, Ontario, Oregon, 30 October 2003)

The systems' flashing yellow lights alert motorists to the 20 mph speed limit in school zones and are programmed to operate from Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Most important, the powerful lights caution motorists to reduce their speed thereby increasing safety at school crossing zones and preventing any fatality.

OPD Chief Mike Kee commented that the lights "...really make an impact, especially in low light conditions. You just can't miss them."

The solar-powered system requires no electric power and was easily installed by two Public Works personnel. It uses a single 65-watt solar module; dual 12-inch LED lamps; and a programmable time clock for automatic activation. Battery life on these systems is typically three to six years. The average solar panel has a lifetime in excess of ten years and is often warranted to perform for twenty years.

Solar flasher systems are self-contained-independent of the power grid-there's no concern with blackouts. Traffic safety continues if the power goes out.

Made possible by funding from the Oregon Department of Transportation and support from the Ontario School District and the City of Ontario Public Works Department, the Ontario Police Department received a $5,000 grant to cover the cost of two solar-powered signals.

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About the City of Ontario, Oregon
Ontario serves as a retail, service and medical center for 167,000 people within a 45-mile radius. Located in Oregon's only county inside the Mountain time zone, Ontario has an agriculturally-based economy.


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