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STC and Traffic Safety supply In-Roadway-Lighting for Native American Community

TEMPE, AZ - 05/04/2009 - Solar Traffic Controls (STC) of Arizona, a distributor for Traffic Safety Corporation products, furnished an In-Roadway-Lighting (IRWL) system as part of a facilities upgrade to the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC). Located adjacent to Scottsdale, Arizona, the system was installed as part of a parking lot and roadway upgrade completed at the tribal office complex. The tribe has expanded its headquarters and built a parking lot across the street, thus creating a need for increased pedestrian safety.

Working with a local engineering firm, STC personnel helped design and specify a suitable equipment package for the project. The package consists of a Traffic Safety Corporation 6-light IRWL with a solar power adapter. The solar power adapter is based on a design STC has manufactured for Traffic Safety for several years. It includes an LCD user interface screen with data collection and display, solid-state load control and a radio transmitter package. The system was outfitted with Polara Bulldog push buttons to minimize any vandalism. TS500 lamps were used throughout the project with wide beam lenses on both sides to spread the light at the crossing and direct more light to motorists coming out of driveways adjacent to the crosswalk.

The tribe also included advance radio-activated flashers but ran into a snag during construction. One flasher had to be moved to the crosswalk when a 900-year-old burial area was discovered under the eastbound advance flasher location. The discovery was accidental and occurred when a human femur came up in the soil during excavation. The west bound advance flasher did not disturb any ceremonial sites and was left approximately 300-feet in advance of the crosswalk. The flashers consisted of a single 8-inch beacon with a radio receiver, control/timing logic and an integrated charge/flasher control with integral night dimming.

Installation of the equipment was completed by AJP Electric of Phoenix. The project was spearheaded by Au Authum Ki general contracting. For more information on Traffic Safety IRWL systems, please visit them at

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