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STC Ped-X system ensures safe crossing at Lake Havasu Senior Center, AZ

TEMPE, AZ - 09/25/2008 - The solar-powered, pedestrian crosswalk on Acoma Boulevard South in front of the Lake Havasu Senior Center is operational today because of careful planning and teamwork among the city's managers.

The Senior Center board of directors requested the crosswalk to enhance safety as pedestrians crossed Acoma Boulevard to the outgoing Havasu Area Transit (HAT) bus stop.

Gary Parsons, Lake Havasu Transit Manager researched the possibility and helped secure grant funding. "The crosswalk was necessary due to the large amount of traffic along Acoma Boulevard South. Hopefully this system will have a traffic calming effect as well," Parsons said in a news release. (Today's News-Herald, August 25, 2008,

The Havasu Area Transit (HAT) purchased the pedestrian-activated, solar-powered flashing light system from Solar Traffic Controls of Tempe, AZ, a design and engineering company chosen for its experience with desert environments.

The Public Works Streets Division designed the safety island and performed the installation.

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