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Glendale, CA purchases solar pre-emption repeaters from Solar Traffic Controls

TEMPE, AZ - 01/02/2008 - The City of Glendale, CA recently purchased and installed solar powered pre-emption repeater systems using Opticom pre-emption equipment. Working with J & J Sales, the Opticom distributor in Southern California, STC designed and fabricated a nominal 12VDC power system with a 24VDC output for the Opticom equipment. It also included the integration of the 760E card cage assembly to house the phase discriminator card.

The equipment is being used at a fire station located across the street from a busy shopping mall on a collector street. One repeater at the driveway triggers an intersection 700 feet south of the station driveway at an arterial and is configured for a 90 degree angle. The second unit is located in a curved section of road where visibility is limited in the last 500 feet of approach to an intersection at another arterial and configured for a 45 degree angle.

Feedback on the equipment from the firehouse has been positive. Drivers report better access to the arterials since the installation of the equipment in mid-September 2007.

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Solar Traffic Controls (STC) designs and manufactures solar-powered traffic control systems for city, state and federal DOTs. Its primary products are solar-powered flashing beacon systems used for school zones and 24-hour applications. What sets STC's systems apart from its competitors: technical merit.


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