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The Clifton Heritage Park, Bahamas goes green with STC

TEMPE, AZ - 11/05/2007 - Solar Traffic Controls (STC) completed a wireless crosswalk and a parking lot security lighting project on New Providence, Bahamas in October 2007. The equipment fielded was deployed on the Clifton Heritage Park project on the southwest corner of the island, a few minutes from Nassau. The project is considered key to helping the people of the Bahamas understand the history of their island. It combines the installation of nature trails and the restoration of a colonial-era plantation.

Despite high voltage lines over the only road through the park, designers chose to go green and deploy as much solar equipment as possible. STC was first approached 2 years ago after a staff member at Caribbean Civil Group read an IMSA Journal article by STC president Joe Wise. The idea of applying solar equipment for the site made sense with the natural setting of the park.

STC was asked to design a wireless crosswalk system that would allow visitors to safely cross the roadway through the park to move between interpretive exhibits. Caribbean Civil decided to go with a four-pole version of the Solar Ped-X product: a wireless crosswalk system. Satisfied with this design, STC was then asked to provide designs for security lighting systems for the two parking lots at the site and architectural lighting for some of the plantation buildings.

Work on the wireless crosswalk and the main parking lot security lighting was completed in October 2007. The Solar Ped-X system consists of a single 12-inch red flasher at the crosswalk and single 12-inch amber flashers located in advance of the crosswalk. To minimize power draw and provide adequate light output from the flashers, DC LED lamps designed by Precision Solar Controls were deployed. Polar Bulldog buttons were fielded with the systems as the pedestrian activation device.

Parking lot security lighting consists of Magnaray W1PL36DC lamp fixtures mounted approximately 14.5 feet above the ground. STC designed square steel mounting poles for the lighting systems. A 150W solar array was mounted to the top of each pole to power the lighting system throughout the year.

Completion of the project's second phase is expected by December 2007. It will include security lighting for the second parking lot and the architectural lighting.

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