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Town of Buckeye, AZ adds STC Traffic Calming System to its entrance

TEMPE, AZ - 09/25/2008 - Buckeye, AZ, a western suburb of the Phoenix metropolitan area, recently added a traffic calming system at its west bound entrance. The system consists of a solar-powered radar speed sign and two 8-inch amber DC LED lamps. The system was placed on a county highway which has posted speeds of up to 50mph before one enters Buckeye.

Based on previous work in Buckeye, Solar Traffic Controls (STC) was contacted regarding the system design and equipment. STC furnished a solar-powered system for the project which features an RU2 Fast 250 sign and two 8-inch amber DC LED lamps on either side of the R2-1 speed limit sign. Vehicles approaching Buckeye's entrance will see their speed displayed in 12-inch characters. If they violate a pre-programmed speed value, the flashing beacons are activated to draw attention to the posted speed limit.

STC also furnished two of its Model 4920 DC LED lamps. These lamps are one of, if not the brightest, DC LED lamps on the market today. The control package consists of an STC SR package with control logic and the ability to track the time the system spends in violator alert mode. All adjustments and data collected from the flashers are available via LCD screen in the control enclosure.

Personnel from the town visited STC's facility in Tempe, AZ where they were aided in the assembly and wiring of the systems in a controlled setting. Upon completion the units were taken to Buckeye and put up on the foundations. This approach allowed Buckeye's personnel quality instruction in the assembly, testing and troubleshooting of the equipment.

Town personnel indicated that the difference in motorists compliance was obvious and dramatic when the units were turned on.

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