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Solar School Zone Flashers with Radar - Solar Traffic Controls
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New RRFB Systems by STC - Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

AC RRFB System - Solar Traffic Controls
STC's Canadian distributor, Fortran Traffic, furnished AC RRFB systems for the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The goal was to provide pedestrian safety at a roundabout at the entrance to the campus. Three of the four legs of the roundabout have crosswalks. Each crossing leg consists of a three-pole system, two curb units with buttons and a median unit with no buttons....more.

Solar RRFB System - Solar Traffic Controls
City of Scottsdale has installed its second RRFB system using equipment manufactured by STC. System was installed as a mid-block crossing to allow users on a canal trail to cross busy collector back to a residential neighborhood....more.

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