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Wireless Cross Walk Systems

Type I - Advance Crosswalk Flasher

This system has a transmitter station located at both ends of the crosswalk. The transmitter can be configured with a pedestrian push button or configured to use different types of sensors such as a Smart Walk 1400 Microwave Detector. When a pedestrian is detected at the crosswalk or he presses the pedestrian push button, a signal is transmitted down the street to the XSR-type flasher system. This XSR flasher is often located approximately 300 feet in advance of the crosswalk.

This Advance Crosswalk Flasher - the XSR flasher system - contains a radio receiver and timing logic within its control panel. The radio receives a signal from the crosswalk and in turn, begins its internal timer. Each flasher will flash for the predetermined time programmed into the logic. Typically, a system contains two transmitter stations, one located on each side of the street and two flashers upstream from the crosswalk on either side. The logic includes an LCD screen which displays the timing parameters and the number of activation commands received from the sensors or the push buttons.

Type II - Solar Ped-X System

Solar Traffic Controls' Solar Ped-X System are installed right at the crosswalk. This system uses a frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio (FHSS) to link the units. There are microprocessors in each unit: one is the master and the other a slave. The pedestrian push button is on the same pole with the flasher and the solar-power system. The user approaches and presses the button; the system detects the contact closure from the button and starts flashing. The units are constantly "talking" to each other. They have fault modes so when they stop "talking" to each other, the system goes into a known-fault condition so the user knows the system needs service.

As the Solar Ped-X system is more complex, it also offers greater flexibility. You can have up to four flashers in a network. Two can be placed in advance of the crosswalk and two at the crosswalk. A common configuration is to have one on each curb and one on the median with a signal head facing both directions of traffic.

Please read "Pedestrian Crossings: All over the Map" for a
comprehensive review of pedestrian crosswalks.

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