Solar Powered Roadway Vehicle Sensor - Solar Traffic ControlsTraffic Sensor Power Systems

Solar Traffic Controls manufactures solar and back-up power systems for Traffic Sensor devices. These include but are not limited to:

  • RTMS / RTCP Sensor Power Systems
  • DC Loop Detector Systems
  • Traffic Radio Power Systems
  • Traffic Counter Power Systems
  • Incident Management Camera Packages
  • All systems are designed for pole mounting. System enclosures can hold from 2 to 4 deep cycle batteries and the system electronics. Enclosures are large enough to provide space for most CDPD modems, counters, radios or data loggers. Integration of user-provided equipment can be included in the cost of the system should you require this service. These systems are suitable for use with MSSEDCO products, Wavetronix Sensor systems and RTMS sensors.

    Sensor-Activated Flashing Beacon - Solar Traffic ControlsSolar Smart Loop Vehicle Detection Package

    A self-contained vehicle detection system with a wireless link to activate advance solar beacons or other warning devices. This product was developed to work in conjunction with the existing XSR series of solar flashers. It was also developed as an alternative to more expensive video or motion-based detection systems for situations where increased safety is important yet cost is critical. Most government agencies can get a loop in the ground quickly and relatively inexpensive making this an efficient safety upgrade to deploy.

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