Sensor Activated Flasher Systems

High Water Sensor Station with Beacons - Solar Traffic ControlsSolar Traffic Controls furnishes sensor-activated flashing beacon systems. We offer you this option or you can provide it, and we will integrate it into the system. Sensor-activated flashers include the following features:

  • High-efficiency solar modules with a minimum 10-year warranty
  • Sealed deep cycle batteries for maintenance-free operation
  • Solid-state charge/flasher controller with temperature compensation, on/off switch, night run only select switch, external activation inputs and automatic night dimming
  • Mill finished aluminum enclosure with police lock, screened vent door stop, integral pole mounts and pre-wired with a color coded wiring harness for no-hassle installation
  • Detailed installation and operation manual
  • LED lamps for longevity and reduced power draw


High Water Warning Flashers
Flooded roadways in poorly lit areas present dangerous conditions for motorists all over the country. Warn motorists with High Water Warning Flashers from Solar Traffic Controls. Includes a solid-state sensor assembly with a stilling tube to minimize false tripping.

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