Flasher System Components

Solar Traffic Controls provides the parts you may need to support, upgrade or modify your Flasher Systems. For more information: info@solar-traffic-controls.com.

We carry the following items for your projects:

Solar Modules
Crystalline and Polycrystalline
Vandal Resistant
Crystalline Mini Modules

Additional sizes available upon request: info@solar-traffic-controls.com

  Solar Module Mounting Structures
STC uses top-of-pole (TPM) and side-of-pole (SPM) mounting structures. Smaller modules (16W-30W) use an aluminum bracket (mount) called a minimount (MM-AL). Larger modules (40W-135W) use either a TPM-PCS, SPM-PCS, or a SPM-AL mount. Mounting structures come in powder coated steel (PCS) and Aluminum (AL). Table shows different types:

View Mounting Structures
TPM Minimount AL
Charge Controllers
DPC integrated charge/flasher controllers
with auto night operation/dimming
DPC-2000 Integrated Charge-Flasher Control Unit
Maintenance Free Batteries
Sealed AGM batteries for solar applications
Battery Datasheets
  Battery Enclosures
View Drawing 2-Battery
View Drawing 4-Battery
Battery Enclosures
DC LED lamps
12" amber and red
8" amber and red
LED Beacon Kits
12" & 8" beacon kits: DoT-style beacon kits feature polycarbonate signal heads with tunnel visors; mounting arm; 2 types of hubs; lamp closure kit; 5" louvered black back plate and LED lamp.

Economy beacon kits feature polycarbonate signal heads with tunnel visors; unitized mounting arm/hub; lamp closure kit and LED lamp.
DC/AC LED Beacon Kits

  Polycarbonate Signal Heads with Tunnel Visors
Single section 8" or 12" polycarbonate signal heads with terminal blocks; tunnel visor; LED ready.
Traffic Signals Datasheet


  4.5 Inch O.D. Traffic Pole Kits with Base
Akron Foundry Co.
Pelco Products Inc.
  Wiring Harness for Flasher Systems
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